This page provides answers to some of the questions asked frequently about the GiP CoP. This page will be frequently updated to include new questions from visitors and members. 

1- What is the Gender in Practice Community of Practice (GiP CoP)? 
community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn together how to do it better as they interact regularly. Members of communities of practice are connected by their shared specialty or role.  They join and participate in communities to share new ideas, lessons learned, proven practices, insights, and practical suggestions; innovate through brainstorming, building on each other's ideas, and keeping informed on emerging developments; reuse solutions through asking and answering questions, applying shared insights, and retrieving posted material; collaborate through threaded discussions, conversations, and interactions; and learn from other members of the community and by participating in community events. The GiP CoP is built around people who share an interest in gender mainstreaming in the Bank and in African societies.The GiP CoP is a collaborative space to promote knowledge sharing and dissemination on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in the Bank and on the African Continent. Our aim is to foster a community of peers working towards gender equality from a diversity of sectors, consolidate information and resources and promote knowledge sharing, good practices and learning.

2- What are the goals of the GiP CoP?
The GiP CoP aims to provide a space for GFPs, selected staff and experts to meet and exchange about how to implement the Bank’s Gender Strategy; to integrate gender mainstreaming in their work and promote gender equality in their professional and personal lives.
The GiP CoP intends to become a One-Stop-Shop for gender focal points and other staff working on the implementation of the Gender Strategy. It will enable all GiP CoP members to access information that will make them more successful in the exercise of their functions.

3- What can you do in the GiP CoP?
GFPs can:

  • Learn from a community of peers involved in promoting gender equality in the Bank and in other organizations;
  • Access and share resources on the strategic, practical and technical aspects of implementing the Gender Strategy in the Bank;
  • Learn and innovate together and collaborate with each other to maximize efficiency;
  • Build greater understanding of gender mainstreaming within the African context;
  • Advocate for the value of information and knowledge in development processes;
  • Share experiences, good practices and lessons learned in their roles;
  • Obtain advice and peer support on issues and challenges they face in their department and/or within specific contexts;
  • Access a variety of tools that they can use to share information and experiences;
  • Ask questions and receive responses that are practical and useful from other members;
  • Engage in online discussions to generate policies, lessons, and ideas on various themes;
  • Join virtual cafés, and webinars to learn and exchange with experts and other personalities.
  • Personalize their profile and receive alerts with activity and news from the community; and more.

4- The GiP-CoP Virtual Platform
This platform is managed by the AfDB. Sylvie Babadjide has been appointed as the moderator of the GiP-CoP and can be contacted for any questions or clarifications.
The GiP CoP virtual platform hosts all exchanges and content shared by members of the CoP. Members can access the platform online and view all content, resources, webinars and videos which have been made available to CoP members. They can also chat with each other and submit or respond to queries and contribute to ongoing online discussions.
The virtual platform is accessible at:

5- I have never used the GiP CoP platform; can anyone help me?
Yes. As a new member, you will receive a welcome message. You can also click on “GiP CoP FAQs” from the virtual platform and access information on how to use the different tools and services available to the GiP CoP members. You can also send an email to with questions or to share information with the community. 

6- I have a story to share, how do I share it with the GiP CoP?
You can post it on the CoP platform for the whole community or email it to the moderator who will decide on how best to share it with GiP CoP members. Members are also encouraged to share information from other networks. That information must be relevant to gender equality and help GiP CoP members in their work and/or their understanding of gender mainstreaming. 

7- I have never been a member of a CoP; how do I ensure that I am a good member?
The main guideline is that the GiP CoP and everything that is shared on it, be of use and supports growth of GiP CoP members. Further guidelines are specified on “GiP CoP FAQs”.  
A good GiP CoP member is one who follows the guidelines of the GiP CoP, contributes to its knowledge base and for whom the GiP CoP is useful. As a community we can devise further guidelines for participation in the CoP in the form of key contributions which members must make at any given time. This includes: stories about how the CoP has helped them; helped to improve the quality of their work; and / or impacted their work and their division.
If you are unsatisfied with something in the GiP CoP, you can inform the moderator, or a start a discussion about it with other members of the CoP. The GiP CoP is intended to be of use to its members and must be satisfactory to them. Consider causes for dissatisfaction as opportunities to improve the GiP CoP and make it more useful to all.

8- I am already part of other networks; why should I join the GiP CoP?
The GiP CoP is the first Community of Practice in the Bank. It will support the implementation of the current and future strategies on Gender equality and pave the way for a culture of experience and knowledge sharing which will support success in gender mainstreaming in the Bank.

9- How do I Join?
Simply click Join the Community from our online platform. Once all the information is entered, you will receive an email with a link guiding you to next steps. As a new member, you will also receive a welcome message which provides details on all you can expect from the GiP CoP. As a GFP, you can invite your colleagues to join the GiP CoP. We encourage members to invite colleagues whom they know will be able to participate and support the exchange culture of the GiP CoP.

10- Who Manages the GiP CoP?
The CoP is moderated by Sylvie BABADJIDE. You can reach her by email or by clicking “Speak Out!” on the Virtual Platform. 

The GiP CoP Virtual Platform is funded by AfDB and the Government of Canada.